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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cops in cuffs. a city police officer is busted in an international drug trafficking ring. >> it's a black eye for the police department. tonight the deals investigators say went down on police property. hello everyone i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. he's supposed to keep drugs off the street. but tonight a city police officer is accused of selling heroin in uniform and in the parking lot of a police station. weijia jiang is in the newsroom to explain how investigators unraveled the ring. >> reporter: it's the police department who asked the fbi to investigate. now one of their own could spend the rest of his life in
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prison if convicted. 41-year-old daniel red is accused of being one of the master minds in a conspiracy to distribute heroin across the stay. >> he's supposed to be protecting us from the people who are doing it. it makes it look like a bad person himself. >> reporter: red made deals while on duty in the district where he's supposed to patrol. >> we hope that sends a very powerful message that if you carry a gun and deal drugs whether you're a drug dealer or official, you are going to get arrested. >> reporter: red was wearing his full uniform, walked across the parking lot where he handed an unmarked amount of heroin to
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a second person. red wanted an even bigger operation. he's quoted in the affidavit saying to a coconspirator i get a little bit and you get a big deal. this is peanuts. you get the big shabang. during a hearing, a judge ordered red be held until a detention hearing because prosecutors called him dangerous and a flight risk. >> red is due back in court on friday. city police arrest two teens. kimo martin jr. is charged with attempted first degree murder. one of the guards is still in the hospital after being shot
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in the chest. detectives are looking for another suspect. an explosive day in parliament. murdoch forced to defend himself to lawmakers and from an attacker. charlie daggader reports. >> reporter: dozens of cameras swarmed rupert murdoch's range recover as he arrived with his son james. the testimony came to a halt when a man threw a cell phone at murdoch. his wife slapped him away before he could be hit. >> i'm absolutely shocked, and ashamed. >> what happened at the news of the world is wrong. we and i have apologized
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profusely and unreservedly for that. >> reporter: murdoch briefly spoke about the 911 victims hacking. >> reporter: murdoch says he is not responsible. he blamed individuals at the paper who he says deceived their superiors. lawmakers also grilled a former editor of the news of the world rebecca brooks who was arrested for bribes. the former chief testified 10 press officers in his department used to work for the news of the world. >> news corp.'s board of director said today it's
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standing behind murdoch and its management team despite the scandal. storms hit the area, this tree snapped and fell on top of two cars on martin luther king boulevard. the tree broke at the base and brought down a power pole as well. luckily no one was hurt. bob is tracking the storms. >> look at the corridor area, one thunderstorms moving down toward the baltimore region. that storm is headed right for north baltimore. so the next 30 to 40 minutes, gusty winds and heavy rain. it's going to get extremely high over the next few days. we have in fact, for thursday an excessive heat watch will be in effect all day long. how hot will it get? will any records be broken and how long will this heat last? we'll have all those answers in my full forecast in a few minutes. >> okay, bob, thank you.
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despite the storms the heat is making it unbearable out there. and it's only going to get worse. kai jackson is live with the excessive heat that's sweeping the country. >> reporter: the heat across the country and here in maryland isn't just annoying it's dangerous. and doctors are warning people who go outside to take precaution. from coast to coast, america is baking in a dangerous wave of heat. in iowa, roads buckled under the extreme weather. more than a dozen states reported temperatures around 100 degrees. >> it's rough. i tell you. i'm ready for a nap. it does ware you out. >> reporter: baltamorians are feeling the burn as the sun scorching everything and everyone in sight. for some relief meant cooling off in the city fountains next to the visitor center. many were happy to find shade and keep still. >> i'm going to stay inside all
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day. >> reporter: those exercising can can be vulnerable. you have heard the saying, it's all about location. well if you're location is in maryland, it's all about. >> hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. >> reporter: symptoms include fatigue, heavy sweating and cramps. >> the very old and very young don't have the same -- the city has issued a code red alert through sunday. a man pulled out of the water in orchard beach. that's just east of pasadena. we're told the man jumped off a pier and disappeared for about five minutes before anyone realized he was gone.
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he was pulled out of the water and we're now working to find out how he's doing. >> scary scene tonight in baltimore downtown. a viewer september us this video of smoke spewing out of the ground. crews eventually capped the leak. lowering property taxes, the mayor wants to give city homeowners a 9% property tax break over a nine year period. the city has long delayed the slot casino could pay for part of the tax break. taking his message on the road. president obama is hosting a town hall meeting. he'll have a private meeting at college park. the university will give away an unannounced number of tickets. they are first come first served. baggage fees and lost
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luggage. they are two of the most frustrated things about flying. >> reporter: it's every travelers worse nightmare. not seeing your bag on the conveyor belt. >> it's frustrating. >> reporter: bob's luggage has been lost in the past, while he got it back. >> it's taken at least a day or two to get the bags. >> reporter: despite consumers paying $3.5 billion in baggage fees, airlines are not supposed to do much for lost luggage. some say the regulations don't go far enough. under a new rule that's set to take effect in august. everyone if your bags didn't meet you here at the carusel. the airlines would not have to reimburse you unless the bag is lost forever. >> if they can't get you the
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bag when you arrive, i think they should reimburse your fee. >> reporter: schumer says if they don't, he'll introduce a bill to force them. >> it's just going to continue to make air travel more frustrating. >> more than half of vwi customers come through southwest which does not charge for the first two checked bags. john hopkins is the top hospital. others are the university of maryland medical center, union memorial, hopkins bay view and shepherd hospital. here comes the bride, into the jail. this isn't the photo shoot that she had expected on her wedding day. what she did to land behind
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bars after walking down the aisle. and menu mistakes, the problem you need to know about if you're counting calories. snake and fish are on the move. the latest discovery alarming to the dnr, what they are urging fishermen to do about it, that's coming up. and we have rainy weather on the move, how hot will it get? i'm bob turk, i'll have your first warning weather coming right up. ,,,,,, [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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it is 78 degrees with some showers in the region. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. a tragic scene on a rural road. five people are killed in an accident involving a farm tractor. a car was trying to pass the tractor when it hit a van sending it into the tractor. seven people in the amish community were in the van. all were killed including the drive of the tractor. tammy lee hinton was arrested, her husband paid bond and she was released.
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she did not show up to her court hearing today and she has not been found. today i came to send a similar message to help break the cycle of teaching these kids not to get mixed up in this crime. >> reporter: vick spent 29 months in federal prison. since his release he's been working with the humane society. snake heads are on the move also called franken fish. the species has turned up in a new location here in maryland. adam may reports on their serious environmental impact. >> reporter: when biologists decided to sample fish they discovered a large 23-inch snake head. an invasive species from asian that had not seen before.
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now able to travel in salty waters for new homes. >> it appears they can navigate, and they find their ways to the fresh water areas. >> reporter: about 60 snake fish have been reported in the area. >> it was in the net, he put the net and put his head through the net, and he was trying to fight me, i hit him in the head. >> reporter: it's predicted snake heads will move north of the bay bridge closer to the baltimore area. they compete with striped bass and perch for has for habitat and food, eating each other's young. in this under water war for turf, odds are the snake head will win. the dnr only has one restriction when fishing for a snake head, you have to kill it. and yes even if it's ugly, you can eat them. if you catch a snake head
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you're asked to report it to the department of natural resources. you can take those restaurant calorie counts with a grain of salt. sit down restaurants are more likely to have inaccurate readings because chefs are given more latitude. next year large chain restaurants will be able to give calorie counts. >> we have a couple of thunderstorms, let's take a look at radar around the region. they just moveed in from baltimore county as you see heading right over townsend. it's heading right if -r the north section of baltimore. just passing through butler and cockysville. temperature wise, it did cool down after this afternoon's high. 78 way up in the humidity range. east winds at nine, the barometer has been rising.
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right now the coolest spot 70 in oakland. 78 here, still 82 in washington, it did have a shower there. heavy storms across southern portions of our region. st.mary's county, some trees down there. also some heavy activity across cecil county and pushing to delaware. downtown had 1.3-inches of rain in that thunderstorms. kent island 77, 95, 74 the average. tonight 88 and 66. and the records 103 and 57. right now we have an east wind, tomorrow probably going back to the south which means more heat and humidity. but the real heat and humidity will come in here on thursday, friday and saturday. it's been sitting here over the midwest just building. you see not a cloud in sight.
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very hot, humid conditions and that's going to be moving off to the east. we've still have this front in our region so it's going to give us a little bit of relief today with clouds and scattered showers. but tomorrow this front is going to wash out. maybe partly sunny skies for a little while. but we don't expect anything in the way of showers, so that's not going to help cool things down. tomorrow that's when that big area of pressure heads out. for thursday, friday and saturday temperatures in the upper 90s but with the humidity high it's going to feel more like 105. own 110 degrees on your skin, so very dangerous heat. bay temp around 80 degrees, so for tonight still a chance of a shower or thunderstorms. at least in a couple of spots other wise a hazy, humid night. 73, 95 tomorrow. just like today but a chance of showers very slim. and look at these five day numbers, 98, 99. maybe 100, 101 in a couple of
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spots. thursday, friday, saturday 98. it could be a thundershower. 98 as we end this heat wave. a little cooler for monday. check in with don scott and marty bass tomorrow morning starting at 4:55. the o's take another shot of slowing down the red sox. mark has highlights in sports coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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mark is here with our fan sports report. i guess you say a lot of boston fans. >> buck showalter said they're all welcome. the orioles season win-loss is a loss cause. with the trade deadline just a couple of weeks away, contending teams are looking at the orioles for trade pieces to pull away from baltimore. one of them might be pitcher
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jeremy guthrie. so his start tonight could serve as an audition. guthrie made it good. he got into some jams and got out of them. guthrie gave the o's their best start in a long time. 7innings, four strike outs allows just two runs to a boston team that scored 15 runs last night. never too comfortable, the o's were sweating out a close game but get some breathing room in the last inning when lee connects. mark reynolds homered after that. it's finally a victory over boston. 6-2 final that ends a seven game losing streak for the sox and guthrie's pitcher was the key to the game. >> i will take this one. and they are a good team. so obviously you have to play very well and you have to pitch well and you have to pitch well against their pitchers day in and day out. it's a tough team to beat. and it's nice to beat them again since april i think. >> to close it out and
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everybody the save, 6-2 over the sox, the series finale tomorrow afternoon. they have a 12:35 start at camden yards. a special honor for a young player, ryan ripkin selected to play in the under armour all american game. ripkin had a 3.3 average. while his dad cal ripkin jr. helped out as assistant coach. the latest of the nfl lock out, both sides getting into position to finish out a collective bargaining agreement. players arriving, they will hold a formal meeting tomorrow to discuss the details of a new deal and possibly vote on ratification. owners will gather for a similar meeting in atlanta on thursday. barring any snags, the nfl could be back to business with training camp kicking off next week. final week of cyclings, tour de france 5,000-mile race. it is amazing and it is
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amusing. medical attention on the go from the support car, cream to help cover up a cut from a crash earlier. thomas beckler remains the leader. the o's could make it two out of three. remember tomorrow afternoon. >> we'll be watching. thanks a lot mark. coming up on eyewitness news, forget planking, a surprising stunt [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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a wandering bear makes a high profile visit in new
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letterman is next with steve carrell. that's it for tonight. for bob and mark i'm vic carter. thank you for


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